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Conferences and colloquiums

In addition to its wide range of activities, the QICSS organizes numerous symposiums and conferences. From ethnic diversity to the situation of Canadian families, from annual conferences designed especially for new scholars to special events organized within international conferences, all these events highlight the huge potential of social statistics.

International Conferences

Every two years, the QICSS organizes an international conference on a current topic. These events explore the issues from a comparative perspective, by bringing together Canadian and international researchers to present the latest research and discuss the contribution made by social statistics. T hey provide an opportunity for an international dialogue between decision makers, researchers, representatives from statistical institutes and others. 

CRDCN National Conferences 

Annually, the Canadian Data Centre Network (CRDCN) holds a large conference where the most recent research results on a specific topic are presented. The list of the CRDCN National Conferences is available here with links to many of the Power Point presentations and video recordings. QICSS has hosted and co-organised the following conferences.

Colloquiums at the annual ACFAS Conference

Each year, the QICSS organizes a colloquium at the annual Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas) conference. These events draw attention to the insights offered by social statistics into social policy issues and highlight the research conducted in the QICSS laboratories. By bringing together contributors from diverse areas, these events encourage an exchange of ideas that helps advance social statistics in the francophone community. 

Emerging Excellence Conference

The aim of these conferences is to highlight the innovative research carried out by graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and recent graduates. They seek to showcase the wide spectrum of questions that young scholars tackle with the data available at the QICSS, the diversity of quantitative tools they use ant the relevance of research findings. 

We are currently hard at work entering the presentations from these conferences into our search engine.

Other events