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QICSS School

QICSS school is at the heart of the activities offered by the QICSS to support the training of highly qualified personnel. Our offer has diversified over the years to include training during the summer but also throughout the year. Training is structured around three areas aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of the people who participate in them: familiarizing themselves with different analysis methods; better master the software and other tools used; and discover the content and analytical potential of new datasets available at QICSS.

2022 School

October - Working in geospatial vector data in R et Working in geospatial raster in R 

August - Geospatial analysis in R

June - QICSS "Pilot" Summer School on Research Reproducibility and Replication Challenge

Useful Informations

The QICSS reserves the right to cancel a course. In the event a course is canceled, the QICSS's responsibility is limited to refunding the registration fees received (if applicable).

Methods of payment
Registration fees must be paid by credit card. Federal and Provincial taxes are not included. Credit card accepted (Visa, MasterCard or Amex).

Cancellation fees of QICSS activities
If canceled more than 5 business days before the session: 25% of total registration fees;
5 business days or less before the session: 50% of total registration fees;
2 business days or less before the session: 100% of total registration fees.

All cancellations must be made in writing

During training, we propose to complete an evaluation form to assess participant satisfaction and the achievement of educational goals. The information collected is confidential and anonymous.

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