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Call for proposals - Statitics Canada data

Statistics Canada is piloting the use of business microdata at its Research Data Centres (RDCs) located in 29 universities across Canada.

Economic Research using the Survey on Financing and Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises 2014 in the Research Data Centres Statistics Canada.

Researchers are invited to review the following documents on the SFGSME data and/or contact CDER at [email protected] to discuss their prospective projects before making an application.

Deadline for submissions of proposals: November 4, 2018 (extended)

Call for proposals: Collaborative research programs on labour market programming.

This is a Request for Proposals for programs of research/evaluation to support ESDC evaluations of current labour market programming. The programs of research/evaluation are being commissioned as part of the ESDC Evaluation Plan to provide supplementary evidence to support ESDC evaluations of federally funded labour market programming in Canada and the EI Commission annual Employment Insurance Monitoring and Assessment Report (EI part I and II).
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