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New developments on mediation theory

La Société statistique de Montréal vous invite à une conférence en anglais du professeur Rex B. Kline, département de psychologie de l’Université Concordia, qui se tiendra le vendredi 16 mars, de 13h30 à 15h30, au pavillon Marie-Victorin de l’Université de Montréal, salle A-544 J.

Mediation analysis is popular, but many, if not most, mediation studies are based on inadequate designs or analysis strategies. Described in this presentation are requirements and analytical methods for a more scientifically rigorous approach to mediation analysis. Topics include proper research designs for establishing mediation, a reduced role for significance testing, and the need for better awareness by researchers of all this is assumed in mediation studies. The method of Causal Mediation Analysis, which estimates mediation under more realistic assumptions, is introduced. The CMA method is well known in epidemiology, but social scientists could also benefit from this approach.