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Survey of Safety in Public and Private Spaces (2018) (in English)


November 17 - 12:15 - 1 PM

This presentation will provide an overview of the Survey of Public Safety and Private Spaces (SSPPS) conducted in 2018, with the next cycle scheduled to be conducted in 2023. The SSPPS is a new survey that is part of the Canada’s Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence and is funded by Women and Gender Equality. The SSPPS is a household survey that was conducted with more than 45,000 respondents aged 15 and over. The survey collected data on Canadians' experiences with sexual and physical assault over the lifetime and in the past 12 months, as well as experiences with inappropriate sexual behaviors in public spaces, at work, and online. In addition, the SSPPS included a set of detailed questions to better measure intimate partner violence.

In addition to the overview of the SSPPS, the presentation will provide a brief look at other surveys from Statistics Canada's Canadian Center for Justice and Community Safety Statistics available at CIQSS.

Our Speaker

Adam Cotter has been an analyst at Statistics Canada since completing his master’s degree in Criminology at the University of Ottawa in 2012. As an analyst, he has participated in the development of several new survey instruments, including the Survey of Safety in Public and Private Spaces and the Survey of Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as contributed to revisions to other existing surveys. In addition, he has authored several articles focusing on police-reported and self-reported violent crime, gender-based violence, firearms, and sexual misconduct.

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