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The Pan-Canadian Health Inequalities Reporting Initiative

Beth Jackson, Public Health Agency of Canada

At the 2012 World Health Assembly, Member States (including Canada) endorsed the Rio Political Declaration on the Social Determinants of Health, pledging to monitor health inequities within their jurisdictions. In response, the Pan-Canadian Public Health Network, Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Institute for Health Information and Statistics Canada have collaborated to undertake the Pan-Canadian Health Inequalities Reporting initiative, a comprehensive and systematic snapshot of the state of health inequalities in Canada to support federal, provincial and territorial collaboration and monitoring of progress on the reduction of health inequalities.

In this presentation, Beth Jackson from the Public Health Agency of Canada will review this unique initiative comprising over 70 indicators of health status, health behaviours and structural determinants of healt. She will provide an update of the most recent developements in the project and its two main products : the online data platform and the narrative reports.

The conference will also be aired on the Internet in collaboration with the CRDCN (click here to register for the webinar), and will be followed by a cocktail to launch the special Canadian Public Policy issue gathering several presentations made at QICSS’ international conference on social policy and health inequalities.