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Portrait de la société canadienne- Les expériences pendant la pandémie (PSC-EP) - Vague 2


(In FRENCH) April 12 - From 12:15 P.M. to 1 P.M. 

In this second survey of the Portrait of Canadian Society Survey Series, Statistics Canada seeks to better understand various aspects of Canadians' lives during the pandemic, including access to health services, perceptions in regards of safety, and the community. This survey notes how people have had to cope with new family obligations and social isolation. The data collected may be used to plan and deliver services and support to families during and after the pandemic.

This lunch-time webinar, presented by Kathleen Fowler from Statistics Canada, will be in French and will aim to inform our research community about the data contained in the survey, as well as potential avenues for research that can use the datasets. Also on hand to answer questions: Pierre Caron, Cilanne Boulet, and Rahil Dattu from Statistics Canada.

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