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COVID-19-related Research Proposal

Statistics Canada is evaluating proposals to grant some researchers remote access to confidential data for COVID-19 research that will yield short-term deliverables for government policy and program decisions. Proposals must include at least one letter of support from a senior official responsible for COVID-19 policy or program making (e.g., provincial Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, etc.)

In order to be considered, the project outlined in the research proposal must:

1. clearly support COVID-19 decision-making in the immediate term; and

2. provide results in an appropriate form for policy and decision-making (e.g., journal article published next year is not appropriate for the proposal).

All proposals will be reviewed by a management review committee at Statistics Canada that will provide recommendations to the Chief Statistician of Canada. If your proposal meets the criteria described above, please submit a preliminary research proposal to Gabrielle BeaudoinDirector General, Data Access and Dissemination at Statistics Canada.

See the template for a proposal below:

April 29, 2020, 12:12 PM